AHVA Bulletin No. 2022-0707

Dear AHV Neighbors.

If you are an AHVA member that may be :
-a lot owner not residing in the village, or,
-a non-resident or out-of-town signatory for corporation members,
you can still vote to amend AHVA’s Articles of Incorporation and make it a homeowners’ association that will “continue into perpetuity” via an electronically transmitted/scanned, or photographed Ballot/Proxy/Authorization Form.

1) Request for a numbered ballot to be sent to you via email or Viber. Email your request to alabanghills@yahoo.com or Viber to Jhester c/o AHVA Admin at 09060232089.
2) The AHVA Admin Office will email or Viber back to you a numbered ballot. Your numbered ballot will be entered into a Control Logbook.
3) Print out the ballot that you will have received, accomplish it in full, sign it, and then email it back to alabanghills@yahoo.com or Viber it to Jhester at the abovementioned number.
4) AHVA Admin will print out your ballot, verify that it has been duly accomplished and signed, tear off the top section which contains your vote, and drop this into a Ballot Drop Box. The bottom section, which contains your details and signature, will be retained and safekept.
5) AHVA Admin will then send you a confirmatory receipt via email or Viber message. Your received and duly submitted ballot will be entered into the Control Logbook.

Should you have any questions about this procedure, please email alabanghills@yahoo.com or Viber AHVA Admin and ask for Jhester.

Thank you.

AHVA Board of Directors

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