Don Jesus Entrance 1972

Staking investment on a piece of land all your own your so-called “island in the sun” could mean many things, but the underlying consideration is whether or not it is the place to go home to after a hard day’s work or to spend the weekend in a quiet, wholesome neighborhood.

In another way, one might consider whether or not the cluster of houses and families that surround your cherished property is a showplace to invite friends and relatives for a get together occasionally or on holidays, a community that you could be proud of.

We expect every resident to know his neighbors better and well enough to live with them in on ideal community, to share with them the duties and responsibilities of maintaining a wholesome community and working out solutions to problems of mutual interests and concern.

Modern community living has therefore imposed a greater demand on every individual for public service that the local governments, not even a big metropolis like Manila, can adequately cope. It has therefore devolved upon the community itself, to take necessary measures to safeguard its property, its health, and general well-being.

In such a Community as ours, intra-family relations as we know in daily life have to encompass an even larger area of personal relations-community relations. The benefits and aspirations for wholesome community life should be the common responsibility and objective of each resident.

A non-stock and non-profit entity, Alabang Hills Village Association, Inc., was formed in 1972 to promote the best interests and well-being as well as to safeguard the general health, safety, morale and welfare of the residents and owners of property.

The Alabang Hills Village Association, Inc, was therefore organized to achieve these ends. Under a system  of individual assessment commensurate with the size of the property owned, a collective fund is raised and administered to and budgeted as in any corporate or municipal organization, The Association prepared and annual budget out of funds to meet the cost of maintenance of roads, playgrounds, essential facilities and utilities, garbage collection, security landscaping and others.

In this way and at minimal costs to the resident, the Community is kept clean and sanitary, beautiful and pleasant to live in and in comparative security.

1972 Opening of Benedictine Abbey School

Benedictine Abbey School (BAS)

A modern edifice was constructed in 1972 on a nine and a half hectare lot inside Alabang Hills Village. On July 10, 1972, Benedictine Abbey School (BAS) opened its doors to 78 preschool boys and girls. Fr. Roberto de Jesus, OSB, who was the first Rector, supervised the growing years of the new institution. BAS pioneered the modern concept of the non-graded open classroom instructional system. In school year 1977-1978, BAS opened its high school department.

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