AHVA Bulletin No. 2022-0701

Dear AHV Neighbors,

Following a recent conversation between Mr. Chris Lichauco, Senior Vice President and Head of Customer Experience and Retail Operations at Maynilad, and AHVA President Robert Navarro, we are requesting all houses with water quality issues to submit your names and addresses to the AHVA Admin Office. If possible, please also give us an approximate date(s) when you noticed the water quality issue at your residence. Maynilad has committed to send a representative to visit each individual listed address to assess water quality, establish the root cause(s) of the water quality issue besides the known high algal bloom problem, and, hopefully, come up with a workable solution.

The collection of names, addresses, and approximate start dates of the water quality issue in your homes will begin on Monday, July 4, and will continue on to Saturday, July 9. To have yourself listed, you can either call the Admin Office at 8850-9631 and ask for Jennie Sadiwa, or, drop by the AHVA Office. Office hours are from Monday-Friday 8am-5pm, and Saturday 8am-12nn.

Please be guided accordingly.

Thank you.

AHVA Board of Directors

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