AHVA Bulletin No. 2022-0620

Dear AHV Neighbors,

This is to inform you that the AHVA Vehicle Sticker program for 2022-2023 will be commencing tomorrow, July 1. Following is the schedule of the program by type of vehicle sticker:
• Non-resident / Pass Thru: starting July 1
• Commercial and Don Manolo Blvd (New Life Alabang, San Beda College Alabang): starting August 1
• Resident (Homeowners, Lot Owners, Tenants) and Bicycle/Motorcycle: starting September 1.

For orderly and timely processing and as a Covid-19 safety precaution, applications for Sticker Processing & Issuance will need to be done by appointment. Here are the alternative approaches by which you could apply for a vehicle sticker(s):

Online Application
1. Apply online via the AHVA website at
2. Click on the E-services tab and select “Vehicle Sticker”.
3. Click on the vehicle sticker category that you are applying for. Please take note of the start dates by vehicle category. The online system for each category will go ‘live’ a few days before each of the indicated start dates.
4. Download and print an application form and fill out as required.
5. Follow the online instructions, ensuring you pick a Processing & Issuance day and time that will work best for you.
6. You will see a Confirmation page after you successfully book an appointment. You will also receive a Confirmatory Email shortly thereafter.

Offline Application
A. AHVA Office Visit: If you cannot or have difficulty applying online, please drop by the AHVA Office during office hours and we will be happy to help you book an appointment. This facility will be available to both Seniors and non-Seniors.
B. Dropbox Submission: Alternatively, you can submit your vehicle sticker application form via dropbox. The Vehicle Sticker Application Form Dropbox will be located in the AHVA Office. Please allow our Sticker Processor a few days to call you to set up your appointment date and time.

You are required to wear a face mask and observe social distancing when you come to the admin office whether to apply for a sticker or to bring your vehicle for stickering.

Sticker Fees
Due to an increase in road maintenance expenses spurred by the recent significant spikes in the prices of petroleum products, we have had to increase vehicle sticker fees effective this sticker season. Kindly note that our sticker fees are still relatively low compared to those of our neighboring villages. Please refer to the Rates for Vehicle Stickers for 2022-2023 shown below.

Please be guided accordingly.

Thank you.

AHVA Board of Directors

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