AHVA Bulletin 2022-0607

Dear AHV Neighbors,

The water shortage Maynilad notified us about (please refer to our Bulletin No. 2022-0602 entitled “NOTICE FROM MAYNILAD TO CUSTOMERS IN MUNTINLUPA CITY” and dated June 3, 2022) apparently turned serious today most likely due to Maynilad’s need to “reduce water production, as excessive algae requires additional cleaning and de-clogging” of their facilities. This may have also been exacerbated by our higher than normal water consumption due to the summer season. The shortage has affected the higher portions of the village, notably in Phase 3. While our deep wells have been working to substitute for Maynilad’s shortage, it is possible that today’s water demand exceeded supply, leading to the temporary shortage.

As the majority of residents begin to reduce their water consumption this evening, our water tanks will be able to fill up and our combined water sources (tanks and Maynilad) will be able to catch up with demand. This will most likely take a few hours up to the rest of the night.

We request all residents to please try and conserve water as much as possible to prevent a water shortage recurrence. To the extent that you can, please postpone or minimize the washing of your cars and your swimming pools, as well as the watering of your gardens.

If anyone is in need now or will in the future be in need of water delivery services, here are the names and phone numbers of suppliers you could try to call:
1. Ariel Water Delivery: 0920-2855199;
2. Joel Aguila: 0935-7322676

Thank you for your cooperation.

AHVA Board

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