NEMTOS Non-Emergency Messaging to Security

AHVA Bulletin No. 2023-1101

Dear AHV Neighbors,

We are happy to announce the launch of NEMTOS, short for Non-Emergency Messaging to Security, AHVA’s new procedure for the relay of your non-emergency messages to Security. Messages are to be relayed through Viber.

The objective of NEMTOS is to streamline non-emergency messaging between ourselves and AHV Security by simplifying and hastening communications while decongesting our two Security landlines so that these may be freed up mainly for emergency calls. It is our hope that, over time, this alternative approach will become our primary way of communicating non-emergency messages to Security.

Examples of non-emergency messages would be when we want to advise Security of:
-food and non-food deliveries to our homes (Grab, Lalamove, restaurants, etc.)
-the entry of guests/visitors into the village
-the entry of appliance repairmen, technicians, workers, manicurists, massage therapists, etc.
-noise disturbances
-road hazards/debris
-lost pets/items
-tricycle requests

With NEMTOS, there will be no need to dial, and repeatedly redial the Security landlines when these are busy. Your non-emergency messages, sent through Viber, will reach Security immediately. Within a couple of minutes, Security will acknowledge receipt of your message. This way, when you have an emergency that you need to communicate to Security ASAP, your call will get through immediately instead of getting held up by a non-emergency call. This will be better for all of us, whether it’s to contact Security for a non-emergency need, or, for a more urgent and critical emergency purpose.

The NEMTOS Viber number is 0939-934-7837.

To begin using NEMTOS, you will first need to register your cell phone number(s) with AHVA Admin. Below please find the Registration Form. The form can also be downloaded and printed from the AHVA website, or picked up at the AHVA Admin Office during regular office hours. Kindly fill out the form and read and abide by the program’s Rules and Guidelines. Don’t forget to sign the form. Drop your completed and signed form at the Admin Office. The Program Rules and Guidelines will tell you exactly how and when to use NEMTOS.

After you have registered AND been enrolled by Admin into the system, you will receive an acknowledgement via SMS. That will be your signal that you can start using the system. Please allow three (3) working days from your Registration Form submission date to receive the acknowledgement message.

Please do not use NEMTOS to engage in chats with the Security personnel.

NEMTOS is a joint project of the AHVA Admin & Communications, and, Security & Safety committees. The project is the brainchild of Admin & Communications Committee member, John Boreatti.

Let’s start NEMTOSing!

Thank you!

AHVA Board of Directors


(Non-Emergency Messaging to Security)

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