AHVA Bulletin No. 2023-0802

Dear AHV Neighbors,

The Seniors’ Club of AHV has requested us to share with you the following letter regarding the Seniors Community Viber group.

Thank you.

AHVA Boars of Directors

Dear Seniors and Senior’s Children,

There are close to 700 seniors in our village. Only 351 are members of our AHV Seniors Affairs community viber. Why it is important to be part of this are for two reasons:

1. This viber group is where we post announcements pertaining to benefits coming from OSCA like cash pay out schedules for octogenarians, free vaccines, rice distribution schedules etc. But with only 351 enrolled in it means the other 350 or so miss out on these announcements.

2. The AHV Seniors Affairs viber is also where we announce activities for fun and enjoyment.

We are aware that not all seniors can navigate this social media instrument so we thought of asking the children, relatives or caregivers to enroll for them. It won’t take much of your time as only official announcements are posted by Malu Babia our Viber Administrator. Nothing else.

To become a member of it, please get in touch with Malu through viber number 0918-930-2480. We aim to reach all seniors of the village. Please help us help you.

Thank you.

President, Seniors Club

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