AHVA Bulletin No. 2023-0210

Dear AHV Neighbors,

We need your duly-accomplished Proxy Forms if you will not be attending the 2023 AGM in person.

So far, we have only less than 110 Proxy Forms from AHVA members in good standing, INCLUDING THE VALID ONES FROM LAST YEAR’S AGM.

We might not meet our minimum quorum requirement of 561 if a much larger number of proxy forms will not be submittted between now and Sunday 3 PM, and/or, a large number of us do not show up in person on Sunday at 3 PM.

Please try to attend the AGM in person. We would love to see you there.

If you will be unable to attend in person for whatever reason, please do assign yourself a Proxy and submit a duly-accomplished Proxy Form at either the AHVA Admin Office (closed today but open tomorrow morning), the AHVA Clubhouse Lobby, or via email or Viber.

If the AHVA President, the AHVA Vice-President, or the AGM Presiding Officer could serve as your proxy, you can just date and sign the form, fill in your name, and address, and indicate the number of lots you own. Automatically, any of the three aforementioned will default as your proxy.

The deadline for Proxy Form submission is Sunday 3 PM.

Many thanks!

AHVA Board of Directors

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