AHVA Bulletin No. 2022-1107

Dear AHV Neighbors,

This is a follow-up to AHVA Bulletin No. 2022-0612 dated 16 June 2022, wherein we presented our Financial Forensics Report to the AHVA Membership regarding the Moderna Vaccine purchase initiated by the previous Board of Directors.

We received the final bill of Reliance United for their Administration Fees and have completed a reconciliation of all accounts with them. We likewise successfully negotiated with Reliance to waive the Penalty Fee of Php10,000 per vaccine administration date (if the headcount on such date is below 100 persons) for all the vaccine events held in 2022. Thus, no additional penalty fees were levied upon AHVA other than the Php30,000 paid for the three (3) vaccine events held in 2021, namely on July 9, August 6 and September 3.

In our Financial Forensics Report, we stated that a refund arising out of the foreign exchange differential of Php1.20 per US Dollar per Dose is due to all AHV members who purchased Moderna vaccines, and shall be paid out upon termination of the vaccine administration contract with Reliance United.

With respect to the Administration Fees due to Reliance United of Php500 per dose (applicable to each primary dose as well as booster shots administered), an AHVA member who purchased the Moderna vaccine shall be entitled to a refund on the Administration Fees paid, OR shall have a payable due to the Association, depending on the member’s actual doses consumed and administered by Reliance United to such member and/or his/her nominated substitute/s.

To recall, one primary dose is equivalent to two booster shots. For every primary dose purchased, an Administration Fee of Php500 was paid. Thus, an AHVA member who purchased one (1) primary dose and paid Php500 in Administration Fees, BUT availed of his purchased primary dose as two (2) boosters, will have a payable to the Association of Php500.00.

Statements of Account will be released within the week to all AHVA Members who purchased/availed of Moderna primary vaccines and/or boosters. The relevant computation of the amounts due from, OR payable to the Association, shall be clearly presented.

For those entitled to refunds from the Association for an amount less than Php3,000, we appeal for your understanding that such refund shall be applied as credits against your forthcoming water bills to reduce the administrative burden of check issuance. Unless we hear from you to the contrary by 07 December 2022, we shall proceed with this payment mechanism.

For those with payables to the Association arising out of the shortfall in Administration Fees paid, net of the exchange rate differential refund, kindly settle your accounts on or before 12 December 2022.

Thank you.

AHVA Board of Directors

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