AHVA Bulletin No. 2022-1105

Dear AHV Neighbors,

Please find below a flyer detailing our Rotunda Driving Regulations. These regulations go into effect immediately. Between now and November 30, violators will be apprehended but not fined. We will begin imposing fines on December 1. The applicable fines, as contained in our Vehicle Sticker Application Form, are as follows:

1). Traffic violations: disregarding traffic signs, speeding, reckless driving, unauthorized parking, driving without license or with expired license, unregistered vehicle:
First Offense P500.00
Second Offense P1,000.00
Third Offense: P2,000.00

2). Disobedience / arrogance / refusal to follow village regulations & traffic policies:
First Offense P500.00
Second Offense P700.00
Third Offense P1000.00 & banned from AHVA

We will continue to post Security Guards at the rotundas every day but only up to November 30. Beginning December 1, when the penalties will go into effect, we will switch from ‘on-the-spot in-person apprehension’ to using our CCTV cameras located at every rotunda. We will notify violators caught on CCTV to show cause why they should not be penalized. We will send “show cause” notices via email as well as via hard copies delivered to their homes in the case of residents.

Residents can also report violations straight to the guards or to the Security Office, citing the date, time, and location of the violation, and if possible, the license plate number, make, and color of the vehicle in case CCTV footage may be unclear.

From time to time, Security Guards will be positioned at the rotundas to reinforce compliance.

We are printing hard copies of the Rotunda Driving Regulations flyer and will be distributing these house-to-house. We will also be handing out copies to Pass-Thru Sticker holders at Gates 1 (Don Jesus), 2 (Tirona), and 3 (Don Manolo).

For everyone’s safety and for traffic orderliness, we request you to please peruse and comply with the new regulations.

Thank you.

AHVA Board of Directors

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