AHVA Bulletin No. 2022-1006

Dear AHV Neighbors,

As you must have noticed, a few weeks ago we started putting up new road signs for the proper management of rotunda traffic. We have personally observed, and some of us have been involved in, near-misses because of motorists who do not slow down, or worse, do not yield to rotunda traffic when they should.

In view of these incidences, we have decided to adopt international/LTO regulations governing the use of rotundas. We have also adopted international road signs for the management of traffic in rotundas and, have made modifications to these road signs to make them more explicit and direct, knowing that many drivers in the country do not know how to drive when approaching or when in a rotunda. FYI, the correct, international/LTO action for drivers to take when approaching a rotunda is to YIELD TO VEHICLES ALREADY IN THE ROTUNDA. It is NOT to make a full stop. YIELDING MAY REQUIRE ONE TO MAKE A FULL STOP, but it is not a requirement to make a full stop when there are no vehicles in the rotunda.

Note: pedestrians ALWAYS have right of way over any vehicle.

More road signs, including signs painted on roads, will be added in the coming weeks. Where applicable, previous “FULL STOP” signs painted on roads at rotundas will be replaced by painted “YIELD” signs.

On Friday last week, the Security Force, led by Board Director Admiral Rommel Galang, conducted a lecture among village tricycle drivers on the rules and etiquette of rotunda driving. More approaches to educate residents and non-residents will be implemented in the future.

Once all the road signs are complete and in place, we will issue a bulletin officially announcing our new rotunda traffic regulations. Seven (7) days after these new rotunda regulations are announced, we will begin strict enforcement of the regulations.

We thank everyone in advance for your cooperation. For a better and safer Alabang Hills.

AHVA Board of Directors

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