AHVA Bulletin No. 2022-0612

Dear AHV Neighbors,

Following the conduct of a thorough review of all agreements, correspondences and other related documents pertaining to the purchase of Moderna vaccines by the Alabang Hills Village Association Inc. for and in behalf of its members, we are pleased to present this report of our findings.

In summary, we have determined the following:

1. Cash inflows emanating from certain AHVA members in respect of their personal purchase of the Moderna vaccines matched with the outflows to: (i) ICTSI Foundation (“ICTSIF”), in payment for such vaccines; and (ii) Reliance United, in payment of vaccine administration fees.

2. The vaccine administration procedures promulgated by the previous AHV Board followed DOH-prescribed prioritization guidelines. However, as we all know, the delivery delay of the ICTSIF-ordered vaccines prompted AHVA members to avail of LGU-provided free vaccines, thus complicating the prioritization parameters formulated by the previous AHV Board. Amidst this fluid and constantly-evolving environment, including the occurrence of “no-shows” on vaccine administration dates, among others, name substitutions were entertained in order to prevent or reduce wastage of delivered vaccines.

Additionally, we have created and organized a database of records such that all information pertaining to each member’s orders are completely documented and tracked as follows:

1. Original order (in terms of number of persons and number of doses);
2. Vaccine and Administration Fee payments made, date of payment, currency of payment, official receipt number;
3. Consumption or Usage Data: number of primary doses and/or boosters consumed, dates of administration as of 31 May 2022; and finally
4. Balance of doses remaining as of 31 May 2022 vis-à-vis an AHV member’s original order.

In compliance with data privacy laws, we are unable to attach such information in this report. However, concerned residents may access their personal records by visiting or calling AHV Administration Office to obtain such information.

Our detailed report follows.

Thank you.

AHVA Board of Directors

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