AHVA Bulletin No. 2022-0609

Dear AHV Neighbors,

A few our neighbors have requested the Board to provide more substantial updates on the pending court case by Mañosa Farmstay, Inc. (MFI) against AHVA. Not necessarily to a broad audience, but to a ‘select few’ who are interested in knowing more about the case.

Our Legal Counsel, Atty. Archie Fortun, and the Board’s Legal Committee comprised of Attys. Zel Courbet, Bobby Lara, Boboy Ringler, and Angel Esguerra, III, have counseled us that updates to the members of AHVA should give a short history, and, at most, brief indications of next steps. Legal Advisor Atty. Rudy Publico supports this position. This advice is based on the fact that there are pro-Mañosa residents in AHV. Knowledge of our legal strategy needs to be confined to the Board, its Legal Committee, and its Legal Advisor. We cannot and should not telegraph our next moves to anyone.

For everyone’s benefit, we would like to repeat our Bulletin No. 2020-0601, issued on June 3, 2022, and entitled “MAÑOSA CASE UPDATE”:

“On May 23, 2022, a hearing in the case of “Mañosa Farmstay Inc. vs. Alabang Hills Village Assn.” was conducted before Judge Romeo Buenaventura of RTC Muntinlupa Branch 256. The next scheduled hearing is on 20th June 2022.

During the hearing, our lawyers completed the cross-examination of MFI’s surveyor, Engr. Charlie Velasco. MFI is scheduled to present Velasco’s assistant to corroborate the surveyor’s testimony. Thereafter, it will be the turn of AHVA to present its witnesses. The Board has lined up seven (7) witnesses, including our own surveyor to establish the validity of AHVA’s right to resist MFI’s access to Don Manolo Boulevard.

We shall provide you regular updates on the progress of the case.”

We thank you all for your understanding.

AHVA Board

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