Dear AHV Community Members,

We would like to inform you that the Association has started accepting applications & renewals for non-resident vehicle stickers.

Due to the continous rise on the road maintenance expenses and the recent hike on the daily wage of our security personnel, the Board, thru the recommendation of the Finance Committee, has approved to implement increase on vehicle sticker fees effective this issuance & renewal season. Please note that our sticker fees are still relatively low compared with our neighboring villages.

For reference on the new schedule of vehicle sticker fees, please see attached secretary’s certificate.

Please be informed that applications are accepted thru:

1. Online Processing – applications are sent thru the AHVA website. Processing & issuance take about 4 to 5 days. This is for those with internet access & prefer online transactions.

2. Regular Processing – application forms are sent via dropbox located at the village admin office. Processing & issuance take about 3 days. This is open to those who are not tech-savy or without internet access.

3. Express Lane Processing- applications are processed face to face by appointment. This is a one day processing & same day sticker issuance with a minimal extra fee of P50.00 per vehicle applied.

For the safety of everyone, AHVA implements “by appointment” arrangements on the three mentioned processes during the release of the stickers. This is in compliance with IATF ruling on limiting the number of people at a given time in one venue to prevent the spread of the virus.

All sticker applicants are required to wear face mask, face shield and observe social distanding when they proceed to the village admin office.

Kindly refer on our tarps & annoucements regarding the timetable for the acceptance of applications & availability for each type of vehicle stickers.

Please be guided accordingly.
Thank you!

AHVA Board

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