AHVA Bulletin No. 2023-0702

Dear AHV Neighbors,

The Seniors’ Club of AHV has requested us to share with you the following letter regarding the Bivalent Booster.

AHVA Board of Directors

Dear Seniors,

We have just received a call from Dr. Estrella and these are the important guidelines about the Bivalent B3 Booster.

The vaccination will be administered on July 25 & 26, 2023 (Tuesday and Wednesday next week). Venue will be the Multi-Purpose Pavilion. It will start at 9 am till 12 nn and resumes at 12:30 till 2 pm only. No extension.

The first 73 seniors will be vaccinated on July 25 and the rest on July 26. Please see list below for your designated time slots. We suggest that you allot 30 minutes before your time to be at the venue for screening given the very stringent requirements imposed by the National Immunization Program (NIP).

The following new guidelines were given by the NIP which will be strictly implemented in order for one to be given the shot:

1. No cough
2. No colds
3. No sore throat
4. No symptom of Diarrhea
5. You cannot take this Bivalent Booster 3 if you did not get the first and second booster.
6. If you had the second booster already, there should be a six month-gap before you can get this third booster.

More importantly, please remember to bring your vaccination card/certificate for faster processing.

May we ask those who did not make it to the July 15 deadline to let us know if you are interested to be included in the waiting list in case there are some who may not pass the screening or absented themselves due to reasons as explained earlier.

Thank you.

President, Seniors Club

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