AHVA Bulletin No. 2023-0604

Dear AHV Neighbors,

The Seniors’ Club of AHV has requested us to share with you the following letter regarding the Bivalent Booster.

AHVA Board of Directors

To our dear Seniors,

The City Health Office of Muntinlupa through Dr. Estrella , Head of the Rolling Bakuna, informed us that the Bivalent Booster (Pfizer) will be available soon. He is asking us for the list of SENIORS who wish to avail of it so that an allocation can be made. Whether you wish to take part, is entirely your personal decision in consultation with your Primary Physician. The Club Officers are just here to facilitate things for a seamless vaccination.

Below I share with you our “exchanges” with the good doctor:

From Dr. Estrella:

Good morning Malu (mam), here’s d answers to ur questions

Question: Kung sakali daw pong hindi pa nakakakuha ng first and second boosters, pwede daw bang iyang third booster na kaagad ang kukunin.

Answer: Kung Hindi nakakuha ng booster1 & booster2, pede pong bigyan ng booster 3 using bivalent Pfizer vaccine.

Dun po sa naka reciv ng booster1, need nila ng booster2 not using d bivalent vaccine & di cya pedeng bigyan ng booster3 until 4 months after d booster2.

Question: What does the booster 3 do? Why is it necessary to take it?
Answer: Booster3 is against covid 19 omicron sub variants, it is necessary to boost our immune system against dis omicron sub variants.

Question: Ilan po ang pwedeng mag avail nito?
Answer: All seniors lang po can avail of booster3, so u can make a master list to those willing to recieve booster3, u can have as many as u can provided Dey r registered in MUNCOVAC

4. Ideal time 8:30-2pm, no more time extension

5. 2 po kaming mag tuturok, 2 rin encoder para mabilis.

You may please register with Malu Babia (0918-930-2480). We shall be posting another announcement once we get a final date for the administration of this third booster.

Thank you.

Seniors Club President

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