AHVA Bulletin No. 2023-0601

Dear AHV Neighbors,

We would like to invite everyone to join the Lecture & Seminar on Stroke Awareness on June 24, 2023, 9:00am to 12:00noon at the Multi-Purpose Pavilion.

This is in partnership with Asian Hospital & Medical Center and the AHV Seniors Club.

The seminar, to be facilitated by Dr. Jennifer J. Manzano, Program Director of the Asian Brain Institute from the Asian Hospital and Medical Center, will include lecture on stroke causes, prevention and latest available treatments.

For those interested, kindly register at the AHVA Administration Office on or before the 22nd of June 2023, 5:00pm. Please look for Mr. Amador Enriquez, Help Desk staff, at tel. nos. 8850-8254 or 8850-9631.

Thank you.

AHVA Board of Directors

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