AHVA Bulletin No. 2023-0201

Dear AHV Neighbors,

This special bulletin is to commend and express our gratitude to Security Guard (SG) Philip Lotianes and the AHVA Fire Brigade for averting what could have been a disastrous house fire in the village yesterday, January 31, 2023. SG Lotianes’ exemplary alertness at work and dedication to duty, and the AHVA Fire Brigade’s quick and effective response, successfully put out a fire that could have led to loss of lives as well as millions in property damage.

At around 0630H yesterday, SG Philip Lotianes (Phase 2 Roving Security Guard) was patrolling his area of responsibility when he noticed thick smoke coming from a resident’s house in Phase 2. He promptly identified the source as a fire in the garage of the house where a pile of garbage was located.

He immediately notified and activated the AHVA Fire Brigade which, in turn, immediately deployed fire extinguishers to the residence and put out the fire at around 0634H. No one was hurt in the incident.

Please join us in congratulating and thanking SG Lotianes and the AHVA Fire Brigade for their model attitudes and actions in the line of duty.

AHVA Board of Directors

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