Bulletin No. 2022-0515

Dear AHV Neighbors,

This is to give you an update on the quality of our water which has deteriorated recently –most especially yesterday, and the steps we are taking to address the situation.

Maynilad Water Quality
The quality of Maynilad water has been erratic lately. We have already written to Maynilad about this. As a countermeasure, we have a bypass valve where we are able to check the water before it enters our system and mixes with the water already in the pipes. Oftentimes, we have to let the water flow for a few minutes before we get relatively clearer water. Unfortunately, we are in the process of training new waterworks personnel, and so they are not yet as adept in working all our valves and bypass systems as we would like them to be.

Also, whenever there is an outage from Maynilad, the initial turbulence from water coming back into the system disturbs the silt and debris that is already in our pipes. This also results in dirty water. This is temporary, however, and usually goes away after you run your water for a few minutes.

Hard Water from AHV Wells
The water that AHV produces is inherently “hard” (washes off quickly) given that it comes from mineralized underground sources and is not treated. Although we have chlorinators for each well that sanitizes against microorganisms, we do not have the facility to take out the minerals that “harden” our locally produced water. In contrast, Maynilad water is “soft” (feels slippery on the skin and does not wash off quickly).

We will keep you posted on further developments.

Thank you.

AHVA Board

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