Bulletin No. 2022-0513

Dear AHV Neighbors,

We and the AHVA Admin Committee are happy to announce that, in delivery of our Team CommUNITY Manifesto promise to “assess Admin Office processes & procedures and explore avenues to streamline/improve by leveraging IT”, reservations for our Basketball Court (Phase 2 Covered Court), Badminton Court, Tennis Court, Soccer Field, and Batting Cage/Driving Range can now be made online via the AHVA website! The Online Booking System (OBS) goes ‘live’ effective immediately.

With this OBS, you can now:
• Book the date and time that you would like to play any of the above-mentioned sports, and
• Cancel, or, cancel and reschedule your booking if you change your mind.

Here are the quick and easy steps to book time for a sports facility online:
• Log on to the AHVA website. If you are not yet registered on the website, please register and wait a few days for your application to be approved.
• Click on the AHV tab, click on Amenities & Facilities, select the sports facility that you would like to book, and then click Online Reservation on the page of the selected facility.
• Read and agree to the General Rules & Rates by ticking the box. Please take note of the (offline) payment options.
• Book a date and time slot. Only one booking per sports facility can be made at a time to give opportunities to other residents to book. It is not possible to “block book”.
• Fill in your email address, full name, and mobile or landline number, and then click on “I am not a robot’ and follow the instructions.
• Click Book Now and then review your booking on the Booking Confirmation page. A Booking Confirmation email will also be sent to you automatically. And you are done!
• If you wish to cancel your booking, or cancel and reschedule, click on the Cancel link on the Booking Confirmation page, or, on the link on the Booking Confirmation email that will have been sent to you. We request that you cancel at least two hours before your scheduled booking to give other residents a chance to take your vacated slot.

If you would still like to book the facilities by either calling or dropping by the AHVA Office, you can still do so.

The Online Booking System for sports facilities is one of the many improvements we have been working on to serve the AHVA community better. More to be announced in the coming days! We extend our special thanks to John Boreatti, AHVA Admin Committee member, for creating and executing this OBS!

Thank you!

AHVA Board

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