AHVA Bulletin No. 2022-0511

Dear AHV Neighbors,

One of the commitments we made in our Team CommUNITY Manifesto was that we would “assess Admin Office processes & procedures and explore avenues to streamline/improve by leveraging IT”.

As one of our deliverables on this commitment, we, together with Village Manager Lanie Rosas and her Staff, and the AHVA Admin Committee, are happy to announce the recent completion of a relaunch of the AHVA Admin Office. After a “soft re-opening” on April 11, 2022, the Admin Office is now in full swing to serve the needs of the community more effectively and more efficiently.

If you have not been to the village office in recent weeks, here’s what you could expect to see when you do drop by:
• Refurbished and enhanced office interiors
• Improved and streamlined office layout and procedures
• Clearly marked lanes for Vehicle Sticker Applications, Village ID Applications, and Help Desk
• A new Senior Citizens/PWD lane
•.Acrylic counter partitions as Covid health precaution
• Number System for more orderly queuing and servicing
• Four new Courtesy Signs
• Indoor Seated Waiting Area good for 10 residents maximum
• Outdoor Seated Waiting Area to manage overflow

The office relaunch is just one of the many improvements we have been working on to serve the AHVA community better. More to be announced in the coming days!

See you at the office soon!

Thank you!

AHVA Board

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