Bulletin No. 2022-0508

Dear AHV Neighbors,

We would like to inform you that we have worked with San Beda Security, the Barangay Tanod, the PNP, and the two political parties in Muntinlupa to design and execute a security plan to ensure safe and orderly vehicular and pedestrian traffic flow outside the San Beda Alabang Polling Precincts tomorrow, the 9th of May, National & Local Elections Day.

Key elements of the security plan are:
1) The San Beda Main Gate will be used exclusively for vehicular ingress and egress.
2) The San Beda Church Gate (usually the exit gate for vehicles) will be used exclusively for pedestrian ingress and egress.
3) We will post security guards at the San Beda Main Gate, the Church Gate, and along the stretch of Don Manolo Blvd. both sides of which will be used for parking. Eight Barangay Tanod will be assigned to reinforce our village guards.
4) We have set up an AHV Security Command Post on the vacant lot across the San Beda Main Gate.
5) We have set up a secondary security post on the vacant lot across the San Beda Church Gate.
6) We have set up tertiary security posts along Don Manolo and Don Jesus Blvds. These posts will be manned by 6 village guards.
7) PNP police will be assigned to reinforce our village guards at Gates 1 and 3. They will also be assigning one coordinator to our AHV Command Post.
8) We will be in constant touch with coordinators from both political parties.

Please see below photos of the AHV Security Command Post and the secondary and tertiary security posts we have set up.

Lastly, we would just like to remind everyone not to wear any political attire (t-shirts, caps, etc) or have on you any political paraphernalia (ballers, hand fans, key chains, etc.) as these are strictly prohibited. We do suggest you bring non-political hand fans and some bottled water with you as it will be very warm in the polling booths.

We wish everyone a smooth and safe election day!

Thank you.

AHVA Board

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