AHVA Bulletin No. 2022-0503

Dear AHV Neighbors,

We are happy to inform you that there will be a community engagement event this Saturday, the 7th of May, where approximately 40 AHV neighbors will be gathering together to help each other clean up our football field and playground in Phase 2 Park.

AHV parents, led by Mr. Aye Navarro, have volunteered for this event. The purpose of the event is to rid the football field and the playground of debris, such as stones/pebbles and pieces of cement broken off from hollow blocks, and make the park grounds a safer and better place for our children to play on.

We reproduce in full below Aye’s letter to all residents.

Happy clean up day to all 40 volunteers! Thanks to you all for coming together for this event and special thanks to Aye for spearheading it!

AHVA Board

“Dear Parents!

In line with the AHVA’s Board to engage and collaborate with the community, may we organize a field clean up day on Saturday, May 7, 2022 from 900AM to 1000AM?

We will be removing any stones or any debris on the field for the safety of our children.

We will define the field into zones and assign a person for every zone. The more people who will participate, then the faster the clean up will be.

Parents and the kids are encouraged to participate. You may also bring other help if you prefer.

All debris should just be placed on a mound inside your assigned zone. The maintenance team will then gather everything afterwards.

That said, may we ask for a hands up on those willing to volunteer and how many you will be, so we may divide the zones accordingly.

Thank you!

Aye Navarro”

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