AHV Bulletin No. 2022-0406

Dear AHV Neighbors,

Fire prevention and control is everyone’s responsibility. We are all, in fact, the frontliners and potential first responders to any fire that may occur in our homes. During this Holy Week, when many of us may be out of town and leaving our homes only in the care of our kasambahays, we suggest that it be critical we, and all the members of our household, are prepared to handle a fire should any eventuate. In connection with this, we would like to provide you with the attached Fire Prevention Tips flyer. We suggest that you go over the flyer with all the members of your household including your help.

Our firetruck is in good operable condition and our Fire Crew will be on standby, as always, should any fire occur in the village or in any of the neighboring villages.

Have a safe Holy Week, everyone.

Thank you.

AHVA Board

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