Dear AHV Community Members,

With recent news that Angat Dam, Metro Manila’s prime water source, has not reached its desired supply level and with summer season only months away, we would like to request our residents to practice WATER CONSERVATION.

Here are some ways we can all help to lessen our water usage in our households:

1. To prevent water loss, take the time to fix leaking pipes and plumbing fixtures.
2. Use a bucket of water to wash cars instead of power spraying. Lessen frequency of washing especially if the cars are not used regularly.
3. Collect and store rain water properly for use in daily chores.
4. Water the plants early in the morning or in the evening when the temperature is cooler.
5. If only washing a few clothes, refrain from using the washing machine.

If we start conserving now, we can help ensure a reliable supply of water in the summer.

AHVA Board

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