Dear AHV Community Members,

We are pleased to report that as of 5:00 pm on 24 October 2021, we have obtained a TOTAL POTENTIAL QUORUM EQUIVALENT TO 626 VOTES, EXCEEDING OUR MINIMUM QUORUM REQUIREMENT OF 562 VOTES.

Congratulations to the Alabang Hills Community for this early achievement!

Details of the total potential quorum described above are as follows:

> 331 votes representing Registrants for personal online attendance

> 138 votes representing Proxy nominations

> 157 votes representing Absentee Ballot submissions


Please note that this is only an indicative number. The official quorum will depend on the actual number of participants present at the close of the roll call during the meeting.

We therefore enjoin all personally attending online registrants and all nominated proxies to be present at the AGM at the roll call to ensure a quorum for the actual meeting.

We would like to request all AGM-registered members to sign-in to the meeting as early as 1:30 p.m. on 31 October 2021.

Kindly check your emails on 29 October 2021 for the official invite containing the meeting link to the 2021 AGM and other meeting announcements.

The AHVA Board and the AGM Admin Committee would like to thank you, our neighbors and fellow residents, for your active participation in this exercise!

One Team! One Dream! One Alabang Hills!

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