Dear Neighbors,

We are reposting the following annoucement that was issued on March 22, 2021 due to the low turn out of response from the seniors in our community.

We hope to receive quick response this time around so that seniors from our village will be updated of various benefits from both our Club & OSCA.

Thank you!


We are forming a COMMUNITY VIBER Group exclusively for SENIORS.

Our present viber groups could only accommodate 250 members. The new viber group would be able to include and reach all 400 or more Seniors in Alabang Hills.

This would facilitate announcements of Seniors Club activities and events, dissemination of information regarding benefits or assistance (mostly from OSCA) and addressing of concerns.

Our Club Secretary, Malu Babia, will be sending you an invitation to become a member of this community viber group we are calling AHV SENIORS AFFAIRS. Once you receive the invite through Viber all you need to do is tap JOIN COMMUNITY and you are in! Just please do it asap to make sure every important Seniors Club communication will reach you.

Take care and stay safe, SENIORS!

Chit Belardo
AHV Seniors Club

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