Community Bulletin No. 2021-0205

Dear AHV Community Members,

We would like to inform you of the following INTERIM RULES of the 2021 Annual Membership Meeting to be held on March 14, 2021, Sunday, 1:30pm:

The Annual Membership Meeting of the Alabang Hills Village Association, Inc. (AHVA) for 2021 shall be done in hybrid where members may attend online or via remote communication, the details of which shall be disseminated and sent to every member through all possible means available at least one (1) week before the date of the meeting. 

Only members in good standing may participate in the 2021 Annual Membership Meeting through any the following manners: 

➢ Online appearance;
➢ Voting in absentia; or
➢ Proxy.

Only members who are in good standing by February 28, 2021 may be allowed to participate in the annual membership meeting. The Village Manager shall provide the Annual Membership Meeting Administration Committee (Committee) a list of the members who are in good standing on or before March 10, 2021

1. Online Appearance
Members in good standing who will attend or participate online or by means of remote communication approved by the Board shall notify or inform the Association of their intention to participate in person or by proxy through electronic mail or other designated means of communication.  

The intent to participate through remote means shall be submitted to AHVA on or before 5:00 pm of March 7, 2021.  The form on the intent to participate online or via remote communication is attached as Annex “A”. 

2. Absentee Voting
As duly approved by the Board of Directors, no voting shall be done during the Annual Membership Meeting. In the alternative, members in good standing shall vote in advance by duly accomplishing the Ballot (Annex “B”) and drop the same on or before 5:00 pm of March 10, 2021 at the designated ballot box located at the lobby of the old clubhouse.

The following matters/items shall be submitted for consideration of the members, to wit:

➢ Agenda of the Meeting;
➢ Minutes of the previous annual meeting;
➢ 2020 Audited Financial Statements of the Association;
➢ Appointment of Mendoza Querido & Co. as external auditor of the Association for 2021-2022;
➢ Ratification of the acts of the Board and Management.

A duly accomplished ballot shall be considered as an attendance should the member concerned do not participate online or via remote communication during the Annual Membership Meeting on March 14, 2021 even though such member may have earlier submitted an intent to participate online or via remote communication.

3. Participation by proxy
A member who will attend the meeting by proxy shall submit to AHVA on or before 5:00 pm on March 10, 2021 a duly accomplished proxy form hereto attached as Annex “C”.   

Proxies that are currently in the possession of AHVA and which remain valid shall be duly considered by the Committee solely for the purpose of determining the presence of a quorum, unless expressly withdrawn by the issuer before the deadline set in the immediately preceding paragraph.  

Should a proxy be issued by a member in good standing to two (2) or more persons, the proxy issued last shall be considered valid and the earlier ones shall be deemed cancelled.

The member assigning a proxy may opt to authorize the President or the Secretary of AHVA to represent him/her in case of non- attendance of my proxy or his/her substitute at any meeting.

1. Date and Time
The AHVA shall stop accepting ballots and proxy forms by 5:00 pm of March 10, 2021. The Village Manager, together with the duly assigned security guard/s, shall bring the receptacles containing the ballots and proxy forms to the venue of canvassing. 

2. Venue
The canvassing of the ballots and proxy forms shall be done at the Social Hall of the Village.

3. Canvassing
The canvassing shall immediately commence once the boxes are brought to the venue. It shall be done in the presence of three (3) independent observers who shall be composed of a member of the AHVA Seniors Club, a former board member of AHVA and a member in good standing of the AHVA Inc. to ensure the integrity of the proceedings.  

Subject to the pertinent provisions of the Data Privacy Act, the proceedings herein may be video recorded. 

4. Appreciation of Ballots/Proxies
➢ Only ballots and proxies received within the deadline and which are duly accomplished by the members shall be considered;
➢ Unsigned ballots shall not be considered;
➢ Unsigned and undated proxies shall not be considered; and
➢ There will be no blanket approval or ratification of the items considered for voting. Only items marked with a “check” shall be counted;

5. Canvass Report
The Committee shall thereafter submit to the AHVA Board of Directors a certificate of canvass signed by all the members and the witnesses present.

Please be guided accordingly. Thank you!

Annual Membership Meeting Administration Committee

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