Community Bulletin No. 2021-0203

Dear AHV Community Members,

To ensure social distancing, only the main swimming pool with lanes, is open for swimming; the kiddie pool will remain closed. There are three lanes available for reservation on a per hour basis. Only three people will be allowed in the main pool at a time and lanes cannot be shared.

Residents who reserve lanes should be able to swim on their own. Coaches/trainers can help residents to improve their skills but coaches/trainers should stay in their own lane. Companions for swimmers who are minors or senior citizens are there to assist them only before and after pool use. Companions can only stay within the pool deck area or the veranda.

The lane sharing rule in the main pool can be relaxed if all three lanes are reserved for an hour by one family living in one household. Even with this exemption, only three people will be allowed in the main pool at a time. Swimmers who avail of this exemption should show the lifeguard valid proof that they all live in the same household.

Thank you for your cooperation.

AHVA Board

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