Community Bulletin No. 2021-0201

Dear AHV Community Members,

We are pleased to inform you that the Swimming Pool will be open starting tomorrow, Tuesday, February 2.

Kindly take note of the following rules:

1. Pool will be open to swimming pool members and to AHV residents for lane swimming from 7am to 4pm Tuesday through Sunday. During GCQ and MGCQ, non-residents, with the exception of coaches or trainers endorsed by residents, are not allowed to swim in the pool.

2. All current memberships will be extended a year from the expiration date on membership IDs. AHV residents without pool memberships can pay per use. Fee for non-member residents is Php 100 pesos per use. Guest fees, available only for coaches/trainers at this point, is Php 150 per use. Payment should be processed at the Administration Office or at the Security Office (if Administration Office is closed) before swimming. Annual memberships can be purchased at the Administration Office.

3. A strict reservation system will be implemented to avoid congregation in the swimming pool area. Please call 88422293 or drop by the Security Office to reserve a one-hour time slot. No walk-ins are allowed.

4. Swimmers can only reserve a lane 24 hours in advance and there will be a maximum of one time slot reservation per swimmer per day, to prevent a block-off for a long duration for only 1 person.

5. Only three people can be in the pool at a time. There is strictly no sharing of lanes.

6. A swimming lane should be reserved for the coach or trainer. A lane cannot be shared by the coach and the student.

7. Because lanes are limited, a swimmer who does not show up for his or her reservation will not be allowed to reserve within the next 48 hours.

8. All swimmers should show their IDs or AHV receipts to the Lifeguard upon entering the swimming pool premises.

9. All swimmers should come in appropriate swimming attire as close to their reservation time as possible and leave as soon as reasonably possible. Lockers cannot be used and interior shower rooms will be closed. Only toilet facilities are allowed for use.

10. Face mask should be removed while in the pool but must be worn while at rest.

11. One companion each is allowed for swimmers who are below 18 years old or who are senior citizens.

12. Social distancing should be maintained.

13. Swimmers should not share the same equipment such as goggles, head caps, etc.

14. No swimming parties or family gatherings are allowed.

15. Follow public health guidelines for hygiene and do not swim if you are feeling sick or are self-isolating.

We request for the cooperation of everyone.

Thank you!

AHVA Board

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