Dear AHV Community Members,


December 5, 12, and 19
8am to 12noon
AHV Multi-Purpose Pavilion

Let’s remember our less fortunate neighbors as we shop for gifts this year…

For the next 3 Saturday mornings before Christmas, Alabang Hills will have a Christmas fair in the Multi-Purpose Pavilion. Ten percent of vendor proceeds will be donated to the sitios.

1. For each Saturday morning, a maximum of 5 residents selling new non-food gift items are invited to join as vendors in the fair.

2. The 5 resident vendors will join the 5 regular farmer vendors at the Saturday market for a total of 10 vendors per day.

3. For the next three Saturdays, the regular farmer vendors will also sell non-food gift items along with their usual market products.

4. All willing participants should register with Lanie Rosas at 09060232089 or
Resident vendors will be accepted on a first-come first-serve basis. A registration fee of Php 500 per vendor per Saturday will be collected to cover the added security and maintenance costs for the event. An additional Php 50 will be collected for those who will use electricity to showcase their products.

5. Ten percent of earnings will be donated by the resident and farmer vendors to the sitios. Buyers can also donate any amount they wish. Donations to the sitios will be coursed through Commission on Services to Human Promotions (COSHP) of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish. COSHP will provide a drop-box at the registration table. For those who would like an acknowledgment receipt, they may send their donation through the AHV Security Office.

6. Maximum health and safety will be emphasized. Those without masks cannot enter the market. Temperature and registration for contract tracing will be taken. Disinfectants will be provided. Only 20 people at a time can enter the Multi-Purpose Pavilion.

7. With the exception of the produce and packed food-to-go already sold regularly by the farmers and the taho vendor, no other food will be sold at the market. Eating and lingering in the Multi-Purpose Pavilion are not allowed.

8. For resident vendors who would have wanted to join the fair selling their food items, please print flyers with your products and contact info. Your flyers will be distributed at the registration table.

9. The line will start at the Old Clubhouse, continue along the walkway/trellis area and end at the Multi-Purpose Pavilion. Chairs will be provided at the waiting area and along the queue. Please be patient and line up early because only 20 people will be allowed to shop at a time.

Happy Shopping!


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